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Today’s episode is a conversation with my mentor, a brilliant mind, someone that I’m thrilled and proud to call a friend. When I joined the community of Shredded by Science and started my education at their Academy for Personal Coaches, I knew from the get-go that I’ll prosper in every way. But I never expected to surround myself with such wonderful and supportive people that make SBS happen. That indeed proved right when I had a pleasure meeting Dr Mike Zourdos recently in London.

This was more of a proper journalistic interview than it was a conversation. Well, at least if you remove our ’90s pop-culture references from the equation.

And you will realise why’s that the case as soon as Mike opens his mouth. He has a particular kind of charisma, and ability to present vast quantity of information, and not one single word of it lacks importance and value. So, I did my best to let Dr Zourdos speak. This is my most extended interview so far, but I learned so much, and I don’t doubt for a glimpse of a moment that you will too.

The topics at hand focus on the relationship between obesity and: stress, chronic systemic inflammation, their effect on immune system, the hormonal disruption that all of it causes, and Mike’s own research. I also asked my guest to elaborate more on adipose tissue, chronic disease, and psychological disorders, in relation to obesity. And then, we segue into the decisive role of exercise on all of these issues, with the recommendation to a theoretical and practical application of it.

Thank you, and have a great week!

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