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Today’s episode is one that I was immensely looking forward to it. A couple of months ago, I bought a fantastic book called “Pleasure Not Meating You”, with whose author, Melody Schoenfeld, I’ll discuss many things in regards to vegan lifestyle. We talk about moral versus health motivations, transitions from eating meat, and transitions from a vegetarian diet, to veganism; We also talk about vegan diet for weight loss, and Melody gives her opinion on elitist vegans who make veganism seem like a cult, which I found particularly interesting. But my primary goal was to learn the basics from an individual who has been a vegan for almost two decades, and who talks about it without any preaching or agenda whatsoever. I always try to tie in everything I talk about in the context of obesity, but one of my plans is to also serve as a platform which provides good information on various diets and dieting strategies, because even though I believe dieting isn’t the solution, but simply one part of it, it is usually the first action that a person with obesity will go for. Hence, this conversation.

I have to apologise for selfishness, because I chatted with Melody about metal music for like 10-15 minutes, because it’s a topic we’re both passionate about, and warn you that our discussion on the important topics doesn’t start immediately. We start chatting about metal and Melody’s experiences with various bands at the mark: 6:02, and we start our conversation on veganism at 18:55. So feel free to skip this if you don’t have any interest in these topics.

I hope you’ll enjoy it. And have a fantastic week. Cheers!

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