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Welcome to another episode of The Man Who Lost 200 lbs Podcast, in which I’m continuing a conversation with Matt Stranberg, from two weeks ago.
In the first episode, Matt helps us develop a better understanding of many subjects related to Eating Disorder, which we’ll touch upon again in this one.
However, this week’s episode will be a bit longer, mainly because I was very interested in Matt’s take on other topics as well. Equally essential issues, I’m sure you’ll agree.
We covered: depression in the context of obesity in a much broader sense; I asked Matt about his personal experience with patients who suffer from both these conditions. We also delved deeper into body-image disorders and stigmatisation of obesity, and we concluded the discussion by reflecting on media, celebrities, and social-media propaganda and their outlook on obesity and influence on body-image in general.
I hope you’ll get some value out of it, and please, I implore you, if you need help, or just want to chat, send me a message, my contacts are in the show notes. And I will also add that same goes for Matt as well.
Thank you and enjoy.

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