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In this episode, I welcome my first ever guest – a friend, a mentor, and somebody I respect a lot and look up to, especially in regards to my coaching and relationships with clients. Aside of being a wonderful person, Patrick Umphrey is the owner of a fantastic fitness community called Eat, Train, Progress, and also an experienced personal coach who has a lot of knowledge, and whose brain I enjoyed picking.

We focused our discussion on the topic of food environment; We defined it, covered it in detail, and Patrick provided many useful recommendations that could, at the very least, put people on the right track. We also touched upon the social and familial support, grocery shopping, food preparation strategies and a couple of more insights that will hopefully be useful.

I also hope that my nervousness won’t put you off the interview because Patrick killed every question I had for him and brought an abundance of valuable information. I only ask you to be a bit patient with me, and take into consideration that this is my first interview I’ve ever done in this fashion. I can only promise and guarantee that I’ll get better with every interview, starting to get there noticeably closer, with the very next one.

Thank you so much for joining me, and I hope you’ll enjoy the interview.

If you want to get in touch with Patrick, please:

  • join Eat, Train, Progress @
    • Or simply click search on Facebook and write down name of the group
  • follow him on Instagram @ eattrainprogress
  • or like his FB page @


You can find me and contact me at:

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