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This episode is a bit different. I had solo episodes before, but this one felt like a relatively new experience because I tackled a topic and ranted about it. I talked about lack of responsibility of certain popular trends and personas on Social Media platforms. I reflected on six major points that stood out to me, not only as my pet peeves but also as trends that I objectively see as potentially harmful or, at the very least, utterly ridiculous and useless.

These are:

  1. Predominantly younger women who are pretending to care about self-love and healthy body-image while demonstrating nothing but vanity.
  2. Celebrities who are promoting fad diets.
  3. Dieting industry and “life coaches” hiding diets and selling them under “holistic” and “wellness” buzz terms.
  4. A celebration of body transformation without any context
  5. People who have lost a lot of weight (yup).
  6. Hashtag trends such as #flexfriday, #transformationtuesday, etc.

I hope you enjoy it, and I would love if it engages us into further dialogue. Especially if you disagree with my opinions.

Thank you, and I wish you all an amazing New Year!


If you are interested in coaching, or simply want to connect with me, you can find me and contact me at:


I work as an obesity consultant with the following groups:

  • People who struggle with obesity
  • People who lost a lot of weight
  • Coaches who work with clients with obesity and post-obesity

    For you who want to lose weight, or you have lost a lot of weight and struggling to keep it off, I’m charging £120 monthly, and you will get:

  • Initial Skype call (60 minutes) where we talk about your goals, setting realistic checkpoint marks to get us there, and creating an approach that caters to your needs and schedule.
  • 2x per month “Mindset” Skype calls (30 minutes) where we focus on creating a foundational mindset and habits to set us on a successful path.
  • 2x per month “Education” Skype calls (30 minutes) where I’m answering your questions in detail, making necessary re-adjustments, and teaching you some pretty cool stuff on nutrition, exercising, and behaviours. Or we can just chat about Blade Runner, Star Wars, and pop-culture in general.
  • Daily check-ins via text or email.
  • 1x per month Skype call (60-90 minutes) where we’re developing a next 4-week stage.
  • Eating guidelines and custom monthly workout/activity plan based on your preferences and schedule.


Personal Trainers and Fitpros:

Some of the most common difficulties that personal trainers are struggling with their clients who are are battling obesity are:
  • Feeling unable to fully help when their clients’ cognitive issues that come with eating disorders (e.g. binge eating) prevent them from adherence
  • Proper handling of under-reporting of caloric intake and resolving the issue long-term
  • Lack of visible and measurable progression
  • The difficulty of getting their clients to keep coming back to the gym regularly 
  • Being unable to motivate an obese client for a change
  • The feeling of inadequacy to improve their clients’ body image
  • Lack of deeper understanding and communication with the clients and their internal battles
  • Loss of consistency and eventually loss of communication

So if you are directly involved in helping others with obesity let me just briefly explain – my consulting looks something like this:

      • We schedule a video call or a live meeting in the area of Berkshire.
      • Before we meet, your only task is to prepare all the details about the client that you can share.
      • We will go through every single question you have regarding the difficulties you are facing with your client and aspects that you think could improve.
      • We then proceed with an overview of certain inevitable obstacles and how you can approach them.
      • I help you get a deeper understanding of what all of their current issues are, how they truly feel, and what you can expect in the future work.

I don’t, however, work with just anyone.

      • I work with trainers and fitness professionals who are trying to help people with full comprehension of their struggles.
      • You need to be willing to learn and be open-minded because I will challenge your thoughts and opinions on obesity and mental issues that come with it.
      • I will not be able to help you if you are not willing to invest more time, effort, patience, and readjust and innovate your approach to coaching people with obesity and morbid obesity.
      • Simply – I work exclusively with good people. 
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