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Before you start playing the episode, I just wanted to acknowledge the not-so-good sound quality of the following episode and apologise for it.
The introduction was brief because I just moved to England into an unfurnished new apartment, and there is zero soundproofing in all of our rooms here.
However, when I recorded the conversation with Mike Howard, I was also in a similar position, in Sweden. I was in the process of moving, and I was recording it an empty kitchen.
So, there you have it.
I hope that hearing echo and background noise from time to time won’t put you off from listening to the dialogue I had with one of my favourite people in the realm of fitness.
Mike is such an awesome dude, and I had a blast talking to him.
Hope you understand and hope you enjoy it and get something valuable out of it. Thank you all, and have a terrific day.

MIKE’s info and contact:

Personal Facebook: /mike.howard
Instagram: @leanminded

If you are interested in coaching, or simply want to connect with me, you can find me and contact me at:

COACHING for people who have, or had, obesity:

I’m charging £100 monthly, and you will get:

  • Initial Skype call (60 minutes) where we talk about your goals, setting realistic checkpoint marks to get us there, and creating an approach that caters to your needs and schedule.
  • 2x per month “Mindset” Skype calls (30 minutes) where we focus on creating a foundational mindset and habits to set us on a successful path.
  • 2x per month “Education” Skype calls (30 minutes) where I’m answering your questions in detail, making necessary re-adjustments, and teaching you some pretty cool stuff on nutrition, exercising, and behaviours. Or we can just chat about Blade Runner, Star Wars, and pop-culture in general.
  • Daily check-ins via text or email.
  • 1x per month Skype call (60-90 minutes) where we’re developing a next 4-week stage.
  • Eating guidelines and custom monthly workout/activity plan based on your preferences and schedule.
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