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Hello, hello!

I am finally back and in this shorter episode, which you can consider as an introductory episode to the proverbial second season of The Man Who Lost 200 lbs, I openly and candidly talk about the reasons why I had to take a break from podcasting and coaching, why I decided to return, and what was going on in my life in the meantime.

I also talk about the return to online coaching and I’m providing all the information about my service.

Thank you all for all the support, messages, and love you offered me throughout this rough period.

Much love to all of you. I appreciate you people immensely.


If you are interested in coaching, or simply want to connect with me, you can find me and contact me at:


COACHING for people who have, or had, obesity:

I’m charging £100 monthly, and you will get:

  • Initial Skype call (60 minutes) where we talk about your goals, setting realistic checkpoint marks to get us there, and creating an approach that caters to your needs and schedule.
  • 2x per month “Mindset” Skype calls (30 minutes) where we focus on creating a foundational mindset and habits to set us on a successful path.
  • 2x per month “Education” Skype calls (30 minutes) where I’m answering your questions in detail, making necessary re-adjustments, and teaching you some pretty cool stuff on nutrition, exercising, and behaviours. Or we can just chat about Blade Runner, Star Wars, and pop-culture in general.
  • Daily check-ins via text or email.
  • 1x per month Skype call (60-90 minutes) where we’re developing a next 4-week stage.
  • Eating guidelines and custom monthly workout/activity plan based on your preferences and schedule.
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