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As an introduction to my third big conversation with Matt Stranberg, I decided to rebroadcast the previous two as this, and last week’s episodes.

I can only admit that one of the reasons was also the fact that I’m contemplating recalibration of this podcast. I will still talk about obesity, but I am going to broaden the horizon of potential guests and topics of future conversations, instead of sticking to a spectrum of fitness. I also want to include shorter solo episodes, in which I’ll talk about other subjects that are directly or closely related to mental health.

I’m hoping you’ll appreciate my transparency and that you’ll understand. I will discuss this decision, and my future, with more depth shortly.


Welcome to another episode of The Man Who Lost 200 lbs Podcast, in which I’m continuing a conversation with Matt Stranberg, from two weeks ago.
In the first episode, Matt helps us develop a better understanding of many subjects related to Eating Disorder, which we’ll touch upon again in this one.
However, this week’s episode will be a bit longer, mainly because I was very interested in Matt’s take on other topics as well. Equally essential issues, I’m sure you’ll agree.
We covered: depression in the context of obesity in a much broader sense; I asked Matt about his personal experience with patients who suffer from both these conditions. We also delved deeper into body-image disorders and stigmatisation of obesity, and we concluded the discussion by reflecting on media, celebrities, and social-media propaganda and their outlook on obesity and influence on body-image in general.
I hope you’ll get some value out of it, and please, I implore you, if you need help, or just want to chat, send me a message, my contacts are in the show notes. And I will also add that same goes for Matt as well.
Thank you and enjoy.

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