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As an introduction to my third big conversation with Matt Stranberg, I decided to rebroadcast the previous two as this, and next week’s episodes.

I can only admit that one of the reasons was also the fact that I’m contemplating recalibration of this podcast. I will still talk about obesity, but I am going to broaden the horizon of potential guests and topics of future conversations, instead of sticking to a spectrum of fitness. I also want to include shorter solo episodes, in which I’ll talk about other subjects that are directly or closely related to mental health.

I can only hope you’ll appreciate my transparency and that you’ll understand. I will discuss this decision, and my future, with more depth shortly.


Regarding this week’s episode, as I said, it’s the rebroadcast of Part 1 of my interview with Matt Stranberg, on incredibly important and complex topic of eating disorders and disordered eating.

As Matt says himself, eating disorder is a subject that’s not very known and popular; thus it’s often viewed through stigma and prejudice.

Matt defined the eating disorder, reflected on its connections with the obesity; I asked him also about binge eating and orthorexia, and he articulated the issues eloquently and profoundly, and in the same manner, we reflected upon other topics such as familial support, treatment of eating disorders, and more.

I was utterly blown away by Matt’s knowledge. I didn’t only learn a lot; he also challenged me to think deeply about the issues he elaborated in such depth, that I cannot but be confident that you are going to appreciate him as much as I did.

Thank you, and I hope you’ll enjoy.

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