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This week’s episode is my shortest conversation so far, and it was entirely focused on one topic, without any deteriorating from it. The topic is Diabetes, and I had the best person to give me the answers – a returning guest on this show – Emma Storey Gordon.

Even though the topic is Diabetes, and we touched on in general terms, the discussion was mainly aimed at the Type 2 Diabetes, which is a subject that Emma is researching thoroughly for quite some time now.

Besides general information, we talked about some of the most common misconceptions on Diabetes, it’s link with obesity, approach to management through lifestyle, advice on nutrition, exercise, and we mentioned other stuff such as genetical predisposition and more.

So, with it being the shortest conversation so far on this podcast, I think we packed it with a lot of good information, and Emma delivered the answers and advice in a very understandable and applicable manner.

I hope you’ll appreciate it and find the information useful.

Thank you very much for your time, and until the next time – cheers


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