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As promised last Friday, I am bringing you the interview number two with Mr Lyle McDonald.
I must say, this is the first episode where I completely ditched any sort of structure and pace of the interview and replaced it with quite a nonchalant conversation in which my only goal was to pick Lyle’s brain and expose his opinions and knowledge on topics related to obesity.
I had a blast doing this, and if you enjoyed our previous discussion, I could practically guarantee you that you will have fun, and hopefully learn something.
I hope you’ll get some value out of it, and I’ll talk to you next week.
Thank you all. Cheers!

LYLE’s contact and info:

  • The Women’s Book is OUT
  • Lyle’s Store, where you’ll find ‘The Women’s Book’
  • Join Lyle’s FB group by typing “” in the Search bar on Facebook, or follow the link below


You can find me and contact me at:


Shredded By Science Academy:

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