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I wish to welcome you to this week’s episode, in which I talk with one of the most respected figures in the fitness industry, Mr James Krieger.

He’s not only a brilliant individual with incredible credentials and background in health, nutrition, and fitness which spans over more than two decades; but also has a massive experience with treatment of people who have obesity.

And, as I will do always – I tried to make this conversation mostly relevant to the topic of obesity. Since James has a such a broad knowledge in areas I just listed, I was also trying to get the maximum amount of value for the time we had. So, I picked his on many different topics, such as: sugar, the link between carbohydrate intake and obesity, his thoughts on nutrition gurus and fads, the role of insulin, metabolic damage, adaptive thermogenesis, the importance of physical activity during weight loss, obesity treatment, weight loss plateaus, measurements, and more.

I hope you’ll find it educative, engaging and enjoy it at least half as much as I did.

Have a fantastic day. Cheers!


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