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What exactly am I doing?
  • Evidence-based coaching on nutrition and exercise focused on your needs, goals, and preferences
  • Entirely individualized programming
  • Flexible and dynamic nutrition planning
  • I’ll personally control, assess and modify both nutrition and exercise programs consistently
  • Helping you lose weight and keep it down, making you healthier and fitter by changing the outlook on your lifestyle
  • Developing a smart system that’s going to be based on your history, current situation, and future goals.
  • Substituting bad habits with good ones on a consistent basis
  • At your disposal every day of the week
  • Daily and/or weekly communication
  • Education on any subject in nutrition and exercise science that you’re interested in
  • Encouragement and motivation
  • Preparing you for lifelong self-sufficiency and continued progress in health and fitness
  • Most importantly – we are in this together. I will care for you
Why should you trust me?
  • Everything that I do is 100% transparent
  • My intention is to create a relationship with you through consistent contact and assessment of your journey
  • I will give everything at my disposal to help you achieve desired goals
  • And I will hold you accountable
  • You’ll get realistic expectations for a set period of time that we’ll agree upon
  • In case of realistic expectations, I can 100% guarantee results
  • Every single information that I provide is evidence-based and supported by science and a rich personal experience
  • Nutritional and exercise programming will be based on efficiency and sustainability, while keeping it fun and interesting
  • Providing you with results builds my reputation
How will this start & what’s the first step to make?
  • Contact me personally via email by my contact form. In reply, I’ll send you back a form that you need to fill out
  • If I confirm that I’m the right person to help you, we’ll arrange a Skype or Google Hangout, free of charge, or telephone/facetime call for Sweden. Basic goals of our initial chat:
    • To get to know each other
    • To discuss your problem, needs and goals
    • For me to make an initial assessment
    • For both of us to establish a rough plan and pricing
    • It will last approximately 30-60 minutes
  • I will then need 24-48 hours to develop a plan and program that we’ll go through together
  • Another, possibly shorter, Skype or Google Hangout call in which I explain every step of the plan, and answer all of your questions before you start
What can you expect during the process?
  • You’ll have my complete attention and devotion
  • We’ll start with implementation of good habits from day one
  • Patience in the initial few weeks is of the utmost importance
    • First 2-4 weeks is about experimenting and figuring out what will work best for you
    • A specialized and individualized approach requires time until we find the sweet spot. In other words, a plan that you can adhere to
    • During this period we’ll maintain daily contact
  • At the end of each week, you’ll send me a feedback by filling out a simple ‘feedback form’
  • Stagnation or hitting a particular plateau is possible at certain points, depending on longevity of our initial arrangement
  • If we reach that point,  I’m making modification of nutritional and/or exercise programming and habits that we can agree upon
  • Noticing first results is highly individualized.
    • Some might experience it even in the initial weeks
    • While with others it demands more time, patience and effort
How long will entire process last?
  • Longevity of the process is based on many individual factors, including goals, age, current state of obesity or overweight and behavioral patterns that caused the problem in the first place
  • Generally speaking, I would recommend at least 14-16 weeks at a minimum, if a long-term sustainability is a goal
  • Results in a shorter period of time are absolutely possible. However, expect them to be harder to obtain and sustain due to increased demands and stress
  • You can choose to prolong our work on your goals, no matter what the initial estimate of time was
How much does it cost?
  • Pricing will be set during our initial informative conversation via Skype, Google Hangouts or telephone/facetime (Sweden only)
  • Price can vary based on factors such as your goals, the level of my involvement and time invested; your individualized needs and requirements of my service, type of training programming, a possible arrangement of 1-on-1 coaching in Sweden (Göteborg and surrounding area), etc.
  • However, in any case of discontent with my services and guidance, you will get a guaranteed return of investment for the last month.
Reasons why you shouldn’t be sceptical:
    • I am completely devoted aiding you to lose weight, achieve health and fitness goals, or simply in making you the best version of yourself.
    • I am also highly inspired and motivated to do my part in helping to reduce obesity epidemic through care and education of my clients. This is the kind of credibility and reputation I want to continue developing
    • I care for my business and monetizing my services
    • However, I consider helping people disproportionately more aspiring
    • I am not a saint by any stretch of imagination – I’m doing this out of selfishness: I want to be the force that’s pushing you to better your life, making you healthier and happier individual throughout the process that you’ll enjoy
    • I firmly believe that integrity is incomparably more valuable than money, and I want to build my business on the most valuable foundations
    • My additional goal is to build a network and community of people that changed their lives completely, and will continue to do so through mutual support
    • Why don’t I just do it for free, then, you ask? Four honest reasons:
      • You are getting one of a kind service, that’s centered around care, personal contact, zero nonsense, and everything is supported by evidence-based knowledge
      • This is what I do for living
      • Buy-in needs to be established so you would completely commit
      • Through this investment, you will get another external motivation


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