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Episode 07 – Ketogenic Diet, with Dr Brad Dieter

Besides many subjects of the ketogenic diet in relationships to obesity, we also touched upon its theoretical application in the treatment of cancer and diabetes, exogenous ketone supplements, busting some myths, and we even ventured on a couple of occasions into philosophical territory.

Patrick Umphrey and I discussed on the topic of food environment; We defined it, covered it in detail, and Patrick provided many useful recommendations that could, at the very least, put people on the right track. We also touched upon the social and familial support, grocery shopping, food preparation strategies and a couple of more insights that will hopefully be useful.

Episode 02 – The Obesity Epidemic Statistics

In this episode I go through some necessary information on obesity, I talk in more detail about classifications and obesity Staging System – tools by which health practitioners assess obesity. But I mainly focus on a second topic – the obesity epidemic, and statistical overview that defines it.

“My mission, my purpose, is to fight Obesity Epidemic and positively affect its Global statistics. I know, I know, it’s highly ambitious, but I’m driven to reach this goal. However, to do that, first I need to reach as many people as I can, to tell my story, and to serve as a conduit between people who are struggling with obesity, and viable, evidence-based, scientifically supported information provided by – first and foremost – experts from many areas, such as doctors-specialists, psychologists, fitness experts, surgeons, and many more. I will do my best to approach all of my guests from the perspective of myself eight years ago when I weighed 180 kilos (approximately 400 pounds).”

Sleep more to lose weight

Darko Botic PERSONAL TRAINER How and why duration and quality of sleep affects obesity In the next 12-15 minutes, you’ll read about basketball, how a horrible decision not to sleep affected me in a long run, some research stuff for the nerds, practical advice...

Gym etiquette

Darko Botic PERSONAL TRAINER Or, how to respect the gym floor Disclaimer before continuing: If you haven’t popped your gym cherry yet, don’t fret – here’s a guide – well, sort of – on how to behave properly once you enter the colosseum of iron,...

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