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Episode 17 – My Story – Getting Up After a Knockout

In this week’s episode, I talk about a fight that lasted for only the last few weeks, but it punched me with menacing force. It made me revert to coping mechanisms that I didn’t even realise are still part of my arsenal, and unleashed habits that I was...

This week’s episode is one that I have been delaying for quite some time now. When I initially planned the podcast, besides interviews with experts, I also had a general idea of doing my solo episodes. A lot has changed since then, but this idea was something I...

We covered: depression in the context of obesity in a much broader sense; I asked Matt about his personal experience with patients who suffer from both these conditions. We also delved deeper into body-image disorders and stigmatisation of obesity, and we concluded the discussion by reflecting on media, celebrities, and social-media propaganda and their outlook on obesity and influence on body-image in general.

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