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Evidence Based Personal Coaching

I’m here to guide you to your desired weight, make you fitter and healthier in the process, and educate you on self-sufficiency

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Evidence Based  Personal Coaching

I’m here to guide you to your desired weight, make you fitter and healthier in the process, and educate you on self-sufficiency

How am I helping you?

What can you expect during the process?


Guiding you by care, accountability, and personal communication


Specialized and personalized nutritional and activity recommendation


Introduction of a new lifestyle through education, development of habits and zero nonsense 

What’s the first step to make?

Contact me personally via email by clicking CONTACT below. In reply, I’ll send you back a form that you need to fill out.

If I confirm that I’m the right person to help you, we’ll arrange a Skype or Google Hangout, or telephone / face time for Sweden

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The Blog

Weekly dose of education and my two cents on topics related to your journey

This week’s episode is the continuation of ‘My Story’ series. I start where I left off last time, in Part 2. The motivation behind this series is still the same – I want to tell my story and portray emotional state I was in. My intention was...

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Episode 18 – Cancer Research, Obesity, and Body Shaming

This week episode is another impromptu episode, where I deliver information on Cancer Research UK’s current obesity awareness campaign, and give my input on the controversy revolved around it. Please take into consideration that I’m expressing only my...

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Episode 17 – Getting Up After a Knockout

In this week’s episode, I talk about a fight that lasted for only the last few weeks, but it punched me with menacing force. It made me revert to coping mechanisms that I didn’t even realise are still part of my arsenal, and unleashed habits that I was...

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Episode 16 – Obesity Epidemic, with Stephan Guyenet, PhD

When I decided to launch this podcast last year, one of my biggest desires regarding its content was interviewing Stephan Guyenet, an ideal guest for this show and my audience. So – after fifteen episodes, here I am, talking to the gentleman. I had a privilege...

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Episode 15 – Healthy Eating over Dieting, with Georgie Fear

This week I had one of the most enjoyable and interesting conversations with my guest today, the incredible George Fear, who is a Registered Dietitian, Nutrition coach, and an author. Georgie and I had an excellent one-hour conversation about topics related to...

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In any case of discontent with my services and guidance, you will get a guaranteed return of investment for the last month.


Helping you lose weight and keep it down, making you healthier and fitter by changing the outlook on your lifestyle

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